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Photo by mykeyruna/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by mykeyruna/iStock / Getty Images

Here is a little background story on how Aghora Crystals were born ....

I am a yoga teacher born in Brazil and part French.

My yoga studio, Shanti Yoga Shala, is located in New Orleans, where I lead weekly classes, Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops. Every year I offer yoga retreats. My favorite spots are Hawaii and Sedona.

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for about 15 years.

During this time I have spend a lot of time in India and studied yoga, meditation and many healing modalities with amazing masters all over the world. 

I have lived in many countries and consider myself a citizen on the world and above else I am an Earthling : simply an inhabitant of Planet Earth. 

I love animals, crystal, nature, our Planet, and life!

Crystals have always been in my life, for all their beauty and magic. 

The past three years I have incorporated crystals in my meditations, travels and teachings. 

My connection and understanding of these magical beings has deepened and now they speak to me. 

Creating a crystal line was not something I ever thought about. 

Until about one year ago when the crystals kept reveling themselves to me with a very specific idea of what they needed me to do for them. I finally gave in to this new idea and allowed it to guide me exactly to where it wants for the path of manifestation, multi-dimensions and higher planes.

I am simply one of many messengers and spokes person for these incredible beings. 

Through their daily guidance I bring them to you : Aghora Crystals is born.

The word Agora without the H in Portuguese language means NOW. 

The word NOW keeps coming up in Yoga philosophy as well as in Reiki and many other cultures. 

Eckart Tolle wrote an amazing book called The Power Of Now, which is a must read.

Life happens in the NOW - everything else is an illusion. 

Yoga teaches us to pay attention in each moment, to live in the now for today is all we have. 

Tomorrow is uncertain and the past is gone.

Life is a gift, never a guarantee. 

Wake up every day and say :

" Thank You for today and this wonderful gift of life" 

Start your day in gratitude every day. 

Sit in meditation in silence even is for only five minutes - invite your crystal to your meditations and set intensions for each day. 

Wonderful magical things will happen in your life.

Crystals tune in to everything and everyone at each moment.

It is said they remember everyone and every place who they ever came in contact with, and they are some of the oldest beings on our Planet.

Some believe they are here as gifts from God, a little piece of Heaven left to us on Planet Earth. 

Finally, we are now connecting our awareness to these creatures of light : promoting elevation, evolution and healing moving into the Crystal Era.

They are so connected to the here and now. 

Because of all this and my Brazilian heritage; it made sense our crystal's name be Agora. 

The name came to me as I was sitting in meditation, not only once but many times I kept hearing agora....

However, I also knew that there was one more reason .....

Aghora with the H in India, also refers to The Hindu God Bhairava, a form of Shiva. Aghori, is a particular school of Hindu Tantra.

Aghora Panth is a sect of Hinduism which follows Hattha Yoga and Tantra as their path to God.

Aghoris believe that the whole world is created, and hence, is a manifestation of the one absolute God. 

This world and everything in it represents God, and is composed of the same true ingredient that makes up everything and nothingness too. 

The word Ghora in sanskrit signifies 'something very frightening'. 

In Sanskrit any time you add A  means that which is not or the opposite of..... hence A-ghora  means someone who is very gentle and caring and contrary to the popular image of aghoris, they are very large hearted, benevolent and many of them have really good sense of humor.  Just like our crystals. 

To many the Aghoris are considered the closest to God. 

If you like to learn more about this fascinating group and spirituality, I recommend a very interesting book : 

“AGHORA, At the Left Hand of God” by Robert Svoboda

In the name Aghora our crystals have found a home to unite, strengthen, deliver their message and find their way into making the world a better place.

Promoting healing, love, spirituality, optimal health, enhancement for all beings, protection, fun, beauty, communication, intelligence, awareness, evolution and Universal peace.

Enjoy your crystal. Enjoy your life!

Be a part of the solution ~ Join the Movement ~ Raise the Vibration of Our Beautiful Planet ~ Spread Love


Drink lot's of clean water, eat foods with high vibrations, eat plants, eat greens, spend time in nature, meditate, live and love!

Nathalie Croix and Aghora Crystals Family : Where The Crystals Speak. 

Love and Light!